As your waterproofing contractors

If something on your property is wet, Benchmark will make it dry.

  • Time-tested methods to solve your flooding and leaking problems on a permanent basis.
  • The right solutions for your specific problem – not something offered by other waterproofing contractors who change the shape of a tube, which conks out faster than a standard part.

As your waterproofing contractors, we are obligated to telling you what the difference is between a trendy idea that doesn’t hold water, and solid solutions to problems, new or old, and then steering you away from trouble.

Waterproofing Foundations / Basements

What kind of waterproofing do you need help with?

Maximum Perimeter
  • Custom design
  • Complete system installed that fits your property
  • Optional emergency backup in case of power outage.

Downspout/Gutter Management
  • Directs a major source of water close to your property away from your foundation.
  • Removes hoses from public areas, eliminating liability from tenants tripping.
  • Improves curb appeal.
Foundation Cracking
  • Special inspection to ensure structural integrity.
  • Cracks allow water seepage and if not treated, mold & mildew.
  • Our methods include block sealing and other treatments to eliminate water.

Sump Pump & Pit
  • Allows you to start small and build up if needed
  • Easy to handle smaller problem areas
  • Long-lasting pits built underneath the basement floor.
  • Rugged industry-quality gives you worry-free years. Keep waterproofing contractors out of work with this option.

Wood stain with a paint pad on wooden deck floor.

Waterproofing Floors / Decking

Benchmark offers flooring application options designed to prevent leakage into finished spaces beneath them.

  • Can be applied over new or existing surfaces.
  • Optionally environmentally safe. No toxic odor or flammable hazard during installation.
  • Can be used in a multitude of applications where high pedestrian traffic would normally wear through other coatings.
  • Flexible epoxies, even at low temperature vs. most epoxies.


Another source of flooding can come from leaks in the roof.  If your source of leaking water is your roof, Benchmark will offer as many solutions as the problem will allow, and not pad the job for extras.  It might be just a patching or re-shingling an area on the roof that’s needed rather than complete reconstruction.

Check out our roofing section for more information.

If you see water damage in your living and work spaces, we will remove the evidence of water damage once we’ve dried everything up.

This includes drywall repair, interior painting, exterior painting, interior remodeling.

The sooner you call us, the sooner your problem goes away!

We’d love to learn more about your waterproofing needs.  Call us at 312-714-8271 or connect with us through our contact form.

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