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Leak Detection

Water leak detection is nothing to fool around with.  It can cause damage in the thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands) in a very short time frame.  That’s why we at Benchmark urge you to call a professional if you suspect a water leak.

Signs you have a water leak
  • Sounds of running water in the toilet long after flushing
  • Running water sounds when nothing’s in use
  • Dripping faucets
  • Soft walls that show spotty discoloration
  • Constant sewer backup problems
  • Cracked or damp foundation (or slab)
  • Mildew under carpeting
  • Inexplicably high water bills

2 pipes leaking water

If your property has a pool, some warning signs
  • Loose or falling tiles
  • Pool deck cracks
  • Auto filler always releasing water
  • Presence of algae directly after adding chemicals

Even though many leaks occur out of your direct sight, water leak detection done by a seasoned professional doesn’t have to be entirely disruptive.  Benchmark Contracting uses the most high-tech equipment and techniques to detect water with minimal invasion on your home or business.  We work with you to determine a battle plan to fix the problem and prevent future problems.

We can also work with you to repair your property back to the way it was once it’s dry. This includes…


Algae is great in nature, but your living and work spaces, not so good. Don’t wait for a small water leak to grow a colony of them.

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