Interior Remodeling

luxury bathroom remodel

Looking for Remodeling Contractors in Chicago?

Benchmark General Contracting can cover all of your interior remodeling needs, from the powder room to full room additions.  We can work on designing your dreams with you, or work with a designer’s plan.

If you’ve experienced a disaster, we can reconstruct your building or home with our Interior Remodeling expertise.

The most tricky and sought after remodel jobs are kitchens and bathrooms.  If done right, these two rooms make the most impact and also get the most bang for the buck.  We have worked with associations in multi-family units and condominiums who had very limited floor plans but wanted luxurious new upgrades. Benchmark has experience custom remodeling in all kinds of spaces with all kinds of limitations.

Interior remodeling is a combination

Many of our services that we offer separately, when combined, fall into the larger grouping of  “interior remodeling’.  The difference is a large project which requires superb project management skills.



As remodeling contractors in Chicago, we also

  • specialize in remodeling retail properties
  • remodeling office space interiors for commercial tenants and landlords who are looking to change an existing layout (rather than a complete commercial build-out)

We’re here to help. We can even assist in the design process or work with plans from your architect. Let us know your project needs by calling us at 312-714-8271 or connecting through our contact form.

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