Interior Painting

Interior painting - blue on wall

Why Go Pro with Interior Painting

Interior painting – and using the right colors and skilled application of it – can breath new life into an old space, or add a sense of completion on a new build.  It has also increased the market value of a property even just by changing the color.

At Benchmark, our team of professional painters follows through with the complete process of interior painting in and around Chicago.

Not Rocket Science, but not everyone does this

  • Meticulously prep all surfaces – sanding, epoxy, cleaning
  • If needed (and requested), perform drywall repair
  • Tape and protect those areas not meant for paint
  • Use top quality materials and supplies
  • Rely on decades of skill and care to masterfully paint the surfaces
  • Finish all small touches, corners, details
  • Clean up thoroughly when the work of interior painting is completed

Our staff of professionals also works extensively with clients in Interior Remodeling, and so can help you select the right color and stock.  They will work to complement the colors of the other surrounding materials of the property, such as the roof, brick, stone, or stucco.

Our customers have all commented on how much attention given while working in their houses, offices, restaurants…and how the only traces we leave behind is a beautiful new job.

We want to hear what your painting needs are. Please call us at 312-714-8271 or connect with us using our contact form.

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