Exterior Painting

Exterior painting with workers on scaffolding

The gray spots, shown underneath the workers on the scaffolding, are just a small portion of what we had to fix and patch in order to make this building whole again.

It’s the Curb Appeal that everyone looks at

Exterior painting can enhance all of the attractive features of a home or commercial building.

Painting is one of the last steps in the construction process. It is the most dramatic step, bringing property back to life.  At the end of the day, it adds resale value to your building.

Weather as the root of all evil

Older properties, or newer ones located in places where severe weather is the norm, require on-going exterior maintenance and painting.  If you see gray wood, you know that the weather has done a number on it.  The wood surface is unable to bond to the wood underneath.

Here in Chicago, we have plenty of weather that continually creates havoc. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures: all of these diminish the exteriors of buildings by causing buildings to expand and contract. The materials that hold buildings together are lifted and moved by the weather.  The more extreme the weather, the more serious deterioration your masonry, steel, and wall ties experience.

Maintenance and timely repair of weather related problems, combined with regular surveillance, is the only sure way to beat Chicago’s notorious climate.

Even if your building is made of cement blocks or bricks, you are not immune to the Chicago weather.  Depending on the quality of the build, those blocks can act like sponges in a storm.  If you don’t extract the water, and then seal the blocks, you and your tenants will face issues that require you to deal with mold, drywall repair, new siding, caulking, painting, windows and doors, roofing work, you name it.  All of this comes at a greater cost than if you had planned for regular maintenance.

As seen in the photo above: Maintenance

For the building shown in the photo above, we were originally hired just to paint the exterior.  But we found that the building was literally crumbling apart.  After explaining this to the owner, and getting his approval, we performed much-needed maintenance of the building first.  We redid sections of the rebar. We filled in all the cracks in the joints. We caulked the windows. Basically, we put the building back together.

Only then did we paint the exterior.

Be smart about it

We at Benchmark General Contracting prefer to do things the smart way, and fix the small stuff so that it doesn’t become a serious problem.  Just like with our approach to maintenance, we rely on the time-tested and exacting method of prepping everything the right way first. Then we paint, using only the best products so that you can enjoy it for the long-run.

For our commercial customers, we schedule the best times to do the work, making minimal impact on your own customers.

With our exterior painting, we don’t often get repeat business. Good for you.  Bad for us.

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