Concrete Work

construction workers pouring cement

It’s not glamorous, but concrete work is clearly the backbone of most building projects.

Benchmark General Contracting works on getting the right concrete mix for each individual job. Decorative concrete requires a different ratio than sidewalk concrete, for example.

We strongly adhere to the industry standards for concrete work, and combine our experience with Chicago weather patterns to ensure the longevity of each cement project we work on, commercial or residential.

The Right Mix

Sufficient levels of water is crucial to making the right mix – it’s not just following one simple recipe.  Making the right mix for your property requires these considerations for the best concrete work:

  • Permeability
  • Shrinkage
  • Workability
  • Pumpability
  • Stampability
  • Stainability

It’s why we urge our customers to avoid the DIY bug or hiring a jobber when it comes to concrete.

Benchmark performs concrete work in such areas as:

Due to our long and successful history of using cement to make sidewalks, parking garages, entries, paths, foundations, walls, floors, even counters, for thousands of clients, we know how to deliver.  We’ve worked with the latest technology to get the most out of the basic building blocks. We also know what the gimmicks are, and how to avoid them.

Click on the images below to get a closer look at some of our recent cement work.

If you’ve been considering concrete work for your next project and would like us to ‘set it’ so you can forget it,  call us at 312-714-8271 or connect with us using our contact form.

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