Even though it’s not a high-end operation, caulking can be tricky to get it right.

A bad caulking job

  • Brings down the value of your business or home
  • Allows leaks to boost your heating or cooling bills
  • Gets rid of any waterproofing system & cause flooding and further damage

The value of a good caulking

  • Cost-effective
  • Low stress
  • Saves money
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Improves quality of life in Chicago’s intense winters and summers

Proper caulking is one of the default things we check when inspecting your property.  A trained eye can tell you where your money is being thrown away.

We at Benchmark detect any leaks and determine your ventilation options to maintain good air quality. Then we select the right kind of caulk for each case. A wide variety of different compounds can be confusing to a lay person.  One caulk does not fit all!

We provide caulking on

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