Block Sealing

Basement Waterproofing, Chicago

cement blocks used to build a wall

Maybe it’s Age or Poor Construction

Your foundation blocks are no longer protecting against the elements, and now that’s affecting your business or home, thanks to water damage and mold problems.  You no longer have a dry basement. What do you do?

One Way to Waterproof

Block sealing is one approach to waterproofing from the extreme Chicago weather.

Block sealing requires many steps to get it done right.

Using basement waterproofing products, or exterior sealant alone does help in some cases, but your contractor has to be thorough and vigilant to ensure that the foundation is not getting a quick fix that will pose problems in the near future.

Benchmark General Contracting makes complete inspections of each property having wet basements or water problems elsewhere in the building.  We devise the best solution that’s just right for your facility or home so that you avoid problems in the long run, saving money and headaches.

Our approach

  • Drying masonry (removing water can yield 10,000+ gallons in the blocks!)
  • Removing mold completely
  • Insulating, using materials appropriate to each property
  • Sealing with basement waterproofing products

Block sealing is one of the many services that we often include in our overall Waterproofing services, Exterior Painting work, and also our Emergency Disaster Reconstruction.

Benchmark performs block sealing services for commercial clients, multi-family associations, condominium associations, as well as residential properties.  We will eliminate the damage to your property at a reasonable cost, without cutting out vital steps that will ensure the long-term health of each unit.

We’re here to help. Let us know basement waterproofing needs by calling us at 312-714-8271 or connecting with us by using our contact form.

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