Custom Remodeling

Chicago Remodeling Done Differently

Experience the joy of seeing your vision turn into mortar, stone, glass, wood, and beam.

When you hire Benchmark General Contracting for your custom Chicago remodeling needs, you’ll enjoy premium workmanship, that is hassle-free, with no sleazy upsells after signing the contract (or before!), and no continual delays from bad planning.

We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms for custom remodeling:

Some services we use for custom remodeling your space:


Stone, Granite & Tile work


No need to grit your teeth

  • We abide by start and end dates.
  • We communicate clearly and continuously so that you know the progress of your Chicago remodeling project.
  • We transform rooms to look state-of-the-art and inspirational.
  • We have the best craftsmen in the Chicagoland area as well as the latest tools, so there’s no slow down or need for repair while getting your project completed.

Terms for hiring us

Our rates for custom remodeling are $115 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum.

The initial meeting – what you’ll get

  • Meeting with us to walk through your property
  • Scope of work detailing all finishes, materials, equipment, and time-frame
  • A written proposal that is ready for submission to your bank for financing the entire project

Options for using us

Benchmark serves as your project manager. We oversee and ensure that plans made by another company are executed fully.  Our fee is 10% of the project costs.
Or, Benchmark does the entire job, from start to polished finish.

Take a look at our interior remodeling page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Or contact us to let us know your project needs by calling us at 312-714-8271 or connecting with us through our contact form.

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